Painting a self- portrait

I think it is important for all of the artist to try themselves with painting a self portrait, inn as many techniques as they can. This is why I have just started painting self portraits.

When painting a self-portrait, you get to be your own model, which has a few obvious advantages: you’re always readily available and guaranteed not to complain.

Many artists did paint self-portraits at one point in their career. Rembrandt and Frida Kahlo come to mind when thinking about artists famous for their self-portraits. Rembrandt painted close to 100 self-portraits during his lifetime and Kahlo around 50. Well almost all significant female artist has left some of their self-portraits in their careers.

I have been to Alex and Allyson Greys home studio and have seen many of their self-portraits which they painted photo-2-1also live on their events and watching them do that in person was an amazing treat.

When I was younger and not painting I thought of this to be very narcissistic thing to do. Hahaha I couldn’t be more wrong on that.

It is the best way to try out as many techniques as you can in painting or any artwork you do. But now, while not being able to get so many live models to model to paint them and while not having enough time to do so, painting a self-portrait is now the easiest way for me to challenge myself in painting and learning as much as I can in painting portraiture. Also just capturing that moment in time, the thoughts, feelings and the whole mood of the person or “self” is very intriguing, together with the use of technique can help an artist in many ways. It is also a kind of therapy, or looking within, a meditation, total honesty, striping yourself “naked” in front of yourself and putting it onto the canvas. My thought now is that everyone should try at least once in their art career. When you do send me your self portraits, I would love to see them. Many artists have done it and never showed it to anyone for that very same reason as it is so very personal, very intimate and making an artist even more vulnerable. But it can also be very revealing, releasing all of your troubles, thoughts and emotions on the canvas and letting it all go, the canvas can capture it and you can be free from all of that afterwards. Keep challenging yourselves in all you do, it is a process of evolving. 

Love you all,


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