We are all ONE

Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate, behave and interact.

Within this virtual landscape we connect with others at an unprecedented magnitude, speed and level of intimacy.

But have we in this process became too obsessed with ourselves and forgotten how to truly LOVE and CONNECT to ones soul.

Has the “face” became the only thing we see or the body or the shell.

Have we forgotten the innerconnectedness and that it has been and will be always here and present. That all our souls are connected at all times, of all beings.

Have we forgotten that no matter how far our bodies are from each other we will always be near. Being able to touch, feel, hug, kiss each others souls.

Be aware that this is always present and that also your thoughts are always flying away and making intentions that can come to life. And that everyone else can feel them as well. Wanna make the world a better place? Just start with making yourself aware that we are all ONE!

I love you all!!!


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