Visionary Art Seminar with Oleg Korolev

Learn painting and meditation techniques from the Master Visonary Art pioneer Oleg Korolev at Kotor, Montenegro from 1st till 14th of November 2018.

The seminar consists of two parts:

Part 1
(An especial visionary ideogram method for the obtaining of the metaphor for a usage of it as an energetic foundation for the composition.) During of the educational process the students will be able to get a practical knowledge of that how to obtain an authentic visionary information in a form of metaphorical images, as well as an information on how to use the resulting material for a creating an artistic composition.

Part 2
A complete course of a sequence of a creation of a visionary art composition, which includes a production of a creative visionary art composition and educational composition, as well as art studies.

For the tuition, accommodation, full board, the price is on demand. (Email to ) Deposite is required.

Detailed info for the “Seminar for the psy-technique and visionary art composition” in Montenegro.

1 November – 14 November 2018

*14 nights of accommodation in a cottage, located in the seaside, resort area of the Kotor region.
* Tuition for 12 days (other 2 days for the arrival and departure).
 * 14 days of a full board: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
 * Painting materials (oil, pinen, 2 linen canvases, a primed cardboard).
 * Tuition for the “Seminar for of psy-technique and visionary art composition” includes 11 days, 7 hours per day (10.00 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 18.00).
 * A choice of sleeping places depends on wishes of the students, as well as according to the principle: “first come, first served” or “the early bird catches the worm”, or as in Russia people say, “Who first got up, possesses the slippers”. 🙂
  * Students must bring their own oil paints and watercolor (aquarelle), sketch books or watercolor paper blocks, brushes (both sorts for watercolor and oil), bottles, jars, pencils (graphite and charcoal ), erasers, palettes, paper towels to clean brushes, as well as tripod easels etc.
 * Students are financially responsible for their own transportation to and from the “Seminar for the psy-technique and visionary art composition” in Montenegro.
 *Students are responsible for their own health insurance. Registration for the seminar constitutes a waiver on the participant’s part regarding injuries or illnesses sustained during of the “Seminar for the psy-technique and visionary art composition.
* In the unlikely event of the cancellation of the “Seminar for the psy-technique and visionary art composition” , all payments will be refunded, minus 5% of the deposit for administration costs.

You can check out the info on his website here

You can also contact him directly on his email or myself

for more information! 

I hope to see you there and I truly can’t wait for this seminar and to learn from the true Master!

Love you all,


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