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Vesna Leibowitz

Although Vesna has studied psychology, film directing and marketing she has organized 15 different art workshops for children and non professional artists in her hometown Nis in Serbia and at Artform Gallery in US. While in US she has met an artist, now her husband, Seth Leibowitz who has motivated her more and more over the years to start painting proffesionaly. 

After attending the workshop with Seth at COSM of Alex and Allyson Grey, she has finally started painting. She has fully committed to painting after giving birth to their daughter Anastasia Akasha, with whom now Seth and Vesna enjoy making artwork.

“Love and compassion are the most important things for me and I am trying, through my whole being across the brush, to put them on the canvas for all the other beings to see and feel. It is in the nature of all beings to cherish these two things the most above all. Practicing mindfulness through Art is educating people on inner-connectedness between all beings that can be used in any part of ourselves and our lives and bring happiness to each and every person. When you are aware of the Oneness and unity with the Universe and all beings and souls of this world you are able to feel some of the most amazing things in life with your body and soul and thus the others will too.”