Painting workshop

Experienced painting workshops for children  and adults.

I have been working for over ten years teaching and moderating different art workshops for children and adults. 

 There are about 15 workshops for everyone that wants to learn more about art and add it to their daily life, as a therapy and being able to express themselves – including:

  • painting, 
  • acrylic painting, 
  • oil painting, 
  • drawing, 
  • wire art, 
  • jewelry making, 
  • fashion design,
  •  paper-mache, 
  • sculpting, 
  • masks making, 
  • batique silk painting, 
  • abstract painting, 
  • make up and special effects etc.

You can contact me if you are interested in having any of these workshops at your event, festival or school. 
Love you,