Paper mache


For the last ten years we have been working on a project called “Healthy Fortress” where we worked with preschool children and their teachers for a week, outdoors and making incredible sculptures out of plastic bottles and papers that children have gathered themselves.

This project is very important for children as it is teaching them about our surrounding, micro and macro universe, exploring creativity, ecology, nature, animals and themselves.

In the past ten years we have organized these art workshops for children with a special theme every year, so far we have made sculptures of the sea world, domestic animals, tropical animals and plants, monster that they have imagined themselves and drew from which we then all made sculptures…

It is something you can also do all at home with your children but you can also call us to organize these workshops for your school or kindergarten.

You can check out more on our “Healthy Fortress” website and contact me for more information.

All the best,